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Home Prep-List 
(All Interior Photos are taken with special Wide Angle Lens)

  • Vacant / Unoccupied house is Preferred - For the Best Results!

  • Please don't schedule Home Inspections during the Photoshoot


  1. Please clean home prior to the photoshoot

  2. Declutter and hide personal items

  3. Open all blinds and curtains

  4. Turn off all ceiling fans

  5. Turn on all lights

  6. Remove pets from property – to the Garage during photoshoot

  7. Tuck in cords - as much as possible


  1. Hide remote controls

  2. Clear surfaces of clutter

  3. Turn TV off

  4. Arrange furniture to showcase features - do not block windows or fireplaces

  5. Open drapes



  1. Remove all items from countertop

  2. Hide appliances

  3. Remove sponges and cleaning supplies

  4. Remove trashcans

  5. Remove magnets and other clutter on refrigerator



  1. Please make sure all lights are working

  2. Please remove: Towels and rugs

  3. Please remove: Countertop / Personal items – Toothbrush, Soap, etc.

  4. Please remove: Bathtub / Shower items – Shampoos, Soap, Body wash, Sponge, etc.

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